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National Average Auto Loan Rates
Average rates collected on the previous day for a specific banking product. Overnight averages tend to be volatile and are designed to help consumers see the movement of rates day to day.
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Auto Loan Rates

National Averages

Find low auto loan rates that fit your budget

Finding a car loan rate that fits into your monthly budget can be as easy as applying with one of the lenders* listed below. Whether you want a loan to buy a new or used car – or are looking to refinance your existing car loan.

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  • Lender

    : The organization lending the money for the auto finance. This can include banks, thrifts and independent advertisers.
  • Conditions

    : Any discounts or rate reductions for having payments automatically debited from another account.
  • Comments

    : Additional information given by the listed lending institution and/or additional information about the lender.
  • Rate

    : The process by which your auto loan payment is calculated to pay off the debt at the end of a fixed period, including interest on the outstanding balance. *Rates are subject to change and may not be directly represented by the lender.

Estimate your pay off schedule using our auto loan payment calculator, and we will help you find different auto loan options. Whether you’re buying your first new car, or looking for a dependable used vehicle, AutoLoanCalc.org has the auto loan financing information to make the choice that’s right for your situation.